8" Octa Memory Foam Mattress

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Is your current bed too hard? Too soft? Don’t play Goldilocks with your mattress. 

Instead, have the perfect mattress in a box delivered right to your door. 

Our 8” 3-layer memory foam mattress—the Octa—will help you sink into a deep and restful sleep every night. 

The 3-layer foam design absorbs motion and provides support to your key pressure points, reducing back and joint pain. 

Easy to clean, our mattresses come with a removable, washable cover with a convenient 3-way zipper and non-slip bottom. 

Our mattresses are also certified by CertiPUR-US, so you can rest assured that your memory foam is approved by accredited labs, making it 100% safe. 

Just unbox, unroll and let it expand. Then say hello (and good night) to your most comfortable sleep ever. 

The Perfect Sleepers

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