8" Boat/RV Memory Foam Mattress

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Ready to bring a new level of comfort to your Boat or RV? The 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box—the Octa Mattress—is now available in Short Queen size! 

Finally, an affordable, top-quality memory foam mattress designed to fit perfectly on your boat or in your trailer. We are Canadian after all, and we deserve to be comfortable for those short few summer months when we can hit the road and open water. 

The Octa Mattress strikes the perfect balance between softness and support, giving you a deep and relaxing sleep every night. 

The zero-motion transfer foam is designed to cradle your body, keeping your spine perfectly aligned, no matter your sleep position.

Best of all, the cooling gel foam top layer regulates temperature, making it perfect for those hot summer nights! Plus, the Octa Mattress comes in an ultra-soft removable cover with a 3-way zipper and non-slip bottom.