7 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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On average, a person spends one third of their life sleeping.

But time spent sleeping isn’t time wasted. It’s valuable time that the body needs to repair itself, and it’s time that the brain uses to organize the day’s events into memories.

A good night’s sleep lends to a strong immune system, better focus, and lower stress levels. So, how can you set yourself up to have the best possible sleep?

Check out these low-cost ways to improve your sleep. Many of these affordable sleep solutions can help you transform your evening from a dissatisfying night of tossing and turning into a deep, peaceful slumber.

1. Black Out Curtains

We all know the feeling of being unable to sleep because the room is too bright. Whether the source of the ambient light is a nearby streetlight or the fullness of the moon, black out curtains are an easy way to keep your room perfectly dark for a great night of rest.

Black out curtains can also be a great solution for an afternoon nap or those who work the night shift and need to a dark space where they can sleep during the day.

Those who have a flair for interior designer can rest easy knowing that black out curtains come in many different colours and prints, so you don’t have to choose between fashion and functionality.

Another perk of installing black out curtains in your bedroom is that they can have a noticeable impact on the temperature of a room. Because they stop the light completely, you will find that they can do a lot to prevent a room from becoming too warm in the summer.

2. White Noise Machine

If you live in the city where the soundscape around you is a constant murmur of whirring tires on pavement, car horns honking, dogs howling, and voices talking, a white noise machine might be exactly what you need to distract you from the hubbub in your neighbourhood.

The constant hum of the machine will hide all of the nighttime distractions that keep you awake and replace them with a constant sound that will fade into the background as you fall asleep.

These machines can range from a basic standing fan to a programmable machine that has a variety of sounds you can choose from.  Or if you already have a Google Home hub in your bedroom, try something simple like saying “Ok, Google. Play white noise!” to activate the built-in white noise feature.

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3. Humidifiers and Diffusers

Depending on where you live, dryness can be a real enemy of sleep. When the nighttime air seems to have sucked all the moisture out of your nose and mouth, you can be forced into wakefulness to drink some water or to ease a sore, dry nose.

A bedside humidifier can be an easy solution to this problem. Most models will allow you to set the humidity to a level that is comfortable for you.

Diffusers are another very popular way of adding humidity to the air. As a general rule, diffusers tend to be more cost effective than humidifiers, although most of them do not allow you to set a specific humidity level.

The added benefit of using a diffuser is that you can fill the room with one of your favourite smells. Lavender and valerian essential oils are often used to aid sleep.

4. Write in a Journal

For some people, the biggest challenge when it comes to falling asleep is being unable to quiet a busy mind. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to jump off the treadmill of questions and worries that can plague our minds into the wee hours.

One of the best ways to let go of all of the day’s stressors is to write them down. Journaling before bed not only allows you to vent about your day, it can also be a time to practice a little gratitude.

List off things that happened to you over the course of your day and make note of the things that you are grateful for. Hold onto those little highlights and drift off to sleep with a quiet, undistracted mind.

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5. Upgrade Your Mattress

Anyone who has recently visited a mattress store can tell you that a new mattress can cost a pretty penny. In fact, it is not unusual for a comfortable mattress to cost upwards of $2000. The large upfront cost of buying a mattress encourages many people to delay purchasing the bed that they need.

Bed-in-the-box mattresses, made of comfortable memory foam, are a great alternative to the expensive mattresses of days past. They cost a fraction of what a mattress in a traditional brick-and-mortar store would be priced at, and they can be purchased online from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

Often, these affordable mattresses can be shipped to your home within the course of a week. PerfectSense foam mattresses come in all shapes and sizes and come at a price point to suit any budget.

So, next time you want to replace the lumpy mattress you have at home, skip the brick-and-mortar store and browse some of the more affordable sleep options that are available online.

6. Mattress Pads & Toppers

In some scenarios, mattress pads can be a simple and affordable sleep improver. If you have a mattress that is too stiff for you, a topper can be a great way to add an extra layer of comfort to the top without investing in a whole new mattress.

Mattress toppers aren’t a perfect solution for every problem though. If you are trying to revive an older mattress that is tired and sagging, a mattress pad will follow the dips and grooves of the original mattress, leading a slightly softer, but no less lumpy sleep experience.

Mattress pads are a quick solution worth trying if you are looking to soften a mattress that is too firm, or if you are looking to add a deluxe layer of dreamy comfort to the top of your current mattress.

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7. Pillows

Comfort is a big part of sleep, and your pillows are an important part of how comfortable you feel when you are lying in bed. Different sleeping positions are better suited to different pillows.

Stomach sleepers should search for a very flat pillow or should even consider sleeping without a pillow. Those who sleep on their back should select a pillow that is a medium height while side sleepers will need a taller pillow.

Another reason that you may want to consider swapping out your old pillow for a new one is if you have allergies. Dust mites and dander accumulate in your pillow over time, and if you are sensitive to those kinds of allergens, your pillow could be the reason for all of your nighttime sneezing and snuffling.

7b. Cooling Pillows

That’s right. Not just any pillow: a cooling pillow.

Few simple actions are more satisfying than flipping your pillow over and placing the cool side of the pillow against your cheek. Scientific studies have suggested that the reason we like this sensation so much is because keeping the head cool helps regulate body temperature.

Maintaining an ideal body temperature is a big part of staying comfortable while you are asleep. Being too warm or too cool can be a reason to wake up in the night. Cooling gel pillows help keep your head the proper temperature so that you can sleep deeper.

PerfectSense Cooling Pillows are made up of foam or gel so that you can choose your favourite kind of pillow and keep a cool head.

Thanks to these helpful tips, you’ll have the perfect sleep in no time — without breaking the bank. Ready for the best sleep of your life?

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Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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