How To Tell If It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

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How often should you replace your mattress?

Regardless of whether your mattress was a top-of-the-line model that came with a 20-year warranty or not, all mattresses need to be replaced eventually. Actually, they need to be replaced well before the 20-year mark. 

Mattresses do last a long time. So long that most people can’t remember when exactly they purchased their bed.

The average mattress lasts somewhere between 7 - 10 years. After this period of time, you will start to see signs of wear on any mattress, regardless of whether it’s a coil mattress or a foam one.

In case you’ve forgotten, some mattresses are stamped with a date code that indicates when it was manufactured. Go ahead and take a look. We bet you'll be surprised by how long ago your mattress was made!

Top 3 signs that you need to replace your mattress

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If you wake up in the morning with aches and pains that fade over the course of the day as you get moving, you might want to consider a new mattress.

It’s likely the reason that your pain recedes over the course of the day is because it’s your mattress that’s causing discomfort in the first place.

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But it's not always the mattress' fault. Sometimes it isn’t the age of the mattress that determines whether or not you need to change it. Sometimes, it is an aspect of your life that makes the difference. 

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Weight Change

If you have gained or lost a lot of weight since you bought the mattress, you might want to consider buying a new bed.

As a general rule, the lighter you are, the more you perch on top of the bed, and the heavier you are, the more you sink into the bed. 

If your weight has changed dramatically, you will find that you no longer sink into your bed the same amount that you did before and may need a different level of firmness in your mattress to support your new body weight. 

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Not Feeling Well Rested

If it seems like you have set aside lots of hours for sleeping, but you are waking feeling poorly rested, it’s possible that you are tossing and turning while you sleep at night.

You might be asleep, but it’s a light sleep, and you aren’t getting the REM you need to wake up feeling recharged in the morning. 


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Tips for Testing Your Current Mattress

1. Look at it

Take a careful look at the surface of your mattress. It should be level. If you can see lumps, the stuffing has shifted.

If you can see sagging sections and dips, then some areas of the mattress have been compressed. 

If you have a memory foam mattress, it is to be expected that the foam will have retained some “memory” of your body, but the impression left behind should fade.

If you can leave an imprint deeper than 2", or your imprint stays long after you have hopped out of bed in the morning, you should consider buying a new mattress. 

2. Lie down on it

When you lie down on the mattress, are some sections of the bed more comfortable than others?

If so, that may be because the areas of the mattress where you lie the most are compressed while other less used parts of the bed are still offering a good amount of support.

You can try rotating or flipping the mattress (if possible), but there's only so many times this will help delay the inevitable. 

3. Listen to it

Does your spring bed creak or squeak? If so, take a look at your mattress and box spring. Something could be worn out or damaged.

Other reasons you might need a new mattress

Although we have found that the above are the most common reasons people upgrade their mattresses, there are a host of other situations where a new mattress can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

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Allergies can be another motivating factor to invest in a new mattress.

Beds tend to be magnets for dander and dust. As the years go by, your bed can become more and more filled with allergens. If you are sensitive to these things, you will notice congestion, sneezing, or runny eyes at night or in the morning when you wake up. 

If allergies are a problem for you, consider investing in a hypoallergenic mattress cover. It is also possible to get hypoallergenic pillows. 

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Technological Advancements

It happens. You buy something that you think you want, and then no sooner than the return policy has expired, the new model comes out, and you realize that was what you really wanted. 

There have been all kinds of advancements in bed manufacturing technology that makes today's mattresses far superior to models from decades ago.

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Cooling Mattresses

Cooling mattresses address a long-standing problem for people who are too warm when they sleep. Improper temperature is a big disruptor of sleep.

PerfectSense mattresses come with a cooling layer of gel that helps prevent sleepers from becoming too hot while they sleep. 

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Adjustable beds 

Lying flat isn’t the most comfortable position for every sleeper. For those who have respiratory issues or injuries, sometimes, sleeping with the torso at an angle can be more comfortable. With an adjustable bed, you can tilt the head and feet of the bed so that it offers you the best angle for your body. 

These beds are great for those who like to cozy up and read at night because they can be raised into a comfortable reading position and then reclined into a flatter position for sleeping.

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Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses

It’s hard not to be curious about this new style of mattress. A box is shipped to your door, you open it up and let it expand to its full size. Sounds easy, right?

It’s also very affordable compared to the cost of a traditional mattress. So, if your current bed isn’t impressing you, give one of these comfortable and affordable mattresses a try. 

Bed-in-a-box mattresses can be purchased online at your convenience, and PerfectSense offers a 100-night trial so that you can take your time to decide if you love your new mattress or not.

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New Partner

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as having a new partner to share your bed with.

Every body type has their own needs, and sometimes the bed that is perfect for you, isn’t perfect for your partner.

In that case, you may need to compromise and find something that allows both of you to sleep well at night. 

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New Home

One of the most common reasons to purchase a new mattress is because you’re moving to a new home.  

Take a critical look at your current mattress while you’re packing and getting ready to move. Is it really worth moving it with you, or would you be better off getting a fresh new mattress delivered to your fresh new home? 

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Can Mattress Toppers Help?

Sometimes, even though your bed is showing signs of its age, you can delay purchasing a new mattress by investing in a mattress topper. 

A mattress topper is not a perfect solution for every occasion, but if you have a mattress that has become too firm, then a mattress topper is an easy way to add a dreamy layer of cushion to the top. 

Memory foam beds tend to be sensitive to temperature, and it is not unheard of for them to become softer or firmer after the years simply because of the temperature of the room they are in. In that case, a mattress topper would also be a good solution. 

If your bed has lumps and dips, the mattress topper will simply follow the path of your original mattress, giving you a softer, but lumpy experience. 

And if your bed has become too soft or is sagging, a mattress topper will not help firm up a droopy mattress.

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Upgrade Your Sleep

If you’ve decided it is time to upgrade your mattress, then look no further than PerfectSense.

The Perfect Mattress combines comfort, cooling, and support at an affordable price to give you the perfect night’s sleep. 

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