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Memory Foam vs. Latex Mattresses: What’s the difference?

Over the past decade or so, the direct-to-home mattress-in-a-box delivery model has transformed the way Canadians and Americans buy bedding products.

It seems like memory foam has been in the marketplace for just a short time, but it was actually invented by NASA researchers in the 1960s, then named “viscoelastic polyurethane foam.”

We like the simplicity of “memory foam,” so let’s stick with that, shall we?

Memory foam is more supportive of key pressure points than standard polyfoam, providing a restorative night’s sleep, more often. Memory foam also lasts longer than standard foam. 

How Does Memory Foam Compare to Latex? 

Latex is made from the sap of rubber trees.

Though the idea of a mattress made of a tree product may seem appealing, chemicals are added to latex mattresses on a ratio of 95% natural latex to 5% chemicals, or 70% natural latex 30% chemicals. 

Memory foam tends to conform to your body more consistently and supporting areas where weight is more concentrated, such as your head, shoulders, and lower torso.

In contrast, latex mattresses are more responsive, meaning bounce back faster than memory foam. Heavier people and those that want a firmer mattress are often best suited to latex mattresses. 

Here are some advantages of both memory foam and latex mattresses to help you in your evaluation of which mattress is best suited to your needs. 

Memory Foam Mattress Advantages

Latex Mattress Advantages

Good for side and back sleepers

Good for stomach sleepers (though doing so is frowned upon for posture and safety reasons). 

Hypoallergenic and conforms to body shape. 

Latex is made of a higher percentage of natural materials. Many people are allergic to latex, however. 

Support pressure points, and fosters healthy, good blood circulation. 

Supports your body’s pressure points, and fosters healthy blood circulation.

Resists dust mites and are porous, which deters bacteria, mould, and allergens. 

Holes in the mattress allow for airflow, which deters bacteria and mould. 

Manufacturers like PerfectSense have added cooling layers to mitigate the heat-retaining layer of memory foam. 

Natural latex mattresses are cool to the touch and don’t retain heat. 

More affordable than latex.

May last longer, though the smell is off-putting to some. 

Minimal motion transfer

Motion transfer is more significant and disruptive.

Are memory foam mattresses better?

As you will see in the comparison chart above, both mattress types have their strengths.

That said, memory foam mattresses are ideal for most people who sleep on their back or their side, and they are more affordable than latex in general.  

Good quality memory foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly and promote healthy circulation and posture. 

Ready for the perfect night’s sleep? Shop now for a  memory foam mattress.

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