PerfectSense Mattress Reviews: What are Customers Saying about Our Products?

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We aggregated PerfectSense Mattress reviews from around the web so that you can see what people love most about our products. 

A recent research study cited in the New York Post surveyed 2,000 Americans.

The survey found the average American spends nearly 36 years of their lives in bed, which is about half of the average lifespan. That includes the time we spend sleeping, reading, watching TV, and other activities. 

Let’s just assume that figure isn’t too far off of the Canadian trend as well. 

If you are going to spend such a significant amount of time in bed, you should be comfortable and happy there.

This is why we are so invested in ensuring our customers are satisfied with their PerfectSense Mattress.

We read every single one of our product reviews online with the goal of providing our customers with the optimal sleep experience every single night.

And so far, PerfectSense mattress reviews tell us that we’re attaining that goal.


Here are some examples of PerfectSense reviews from satisfied customers from across social media and online retailers that offer our products to their customers: 

PerfectSense Reviews on Google

“Ordered the perfect mattress and haven't had a better night sleep! This product is top notch, highly recommended! The quality is outstanding and the service was amazing!” Richard D.

“I have recently purchased a mattress on PerfectSense website along with 2 memory foam pillows for my guest bedroom but I loved the mattress so much I have put my old one in the guest room and kept the one from PerfectSense in my bedroom! I absolutely love it!  Great quality and value :) Highly recommend!” Patrycja B.

“Purchased a mattress in April. Queen mattress for 450 bucks. Really great deal. So great in fact that there was a month long backorder. I was disappointed having to wait so long, but once the mattress arrived my complaints melted away. I've been having really excellent sleeps. The mattress is pretty soft, bit not so soft it hurts my back. I'm 230 pounds, so that's saying something. Quality is excellent, especially at the price. If you're worried about the quality since it's so cheap, don't be afraid. Really great stuff. Would recommend to anyone.” Carl L.


PerfectSense Reviews on Amazon

We’ve been selling PerfectSense mattresses on Amazon since 2013 and have consistently been at the top of the bed-in-a-box mattress category.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“My first memory foam mattress purchase and I couldn’t be happier. The price was great $350, a week extra delay due to weather but that was all ok once I opened this baby up and laid down on it. It’s got a removable zipper so you can clean it whenever. You also won’t feel your partner moving in the middle of the night. It doesn’t smell bad, packaging wasn’t huge, it will fit in the trunk of your car if you have to pick it up, very good overall!!!!!!” Farnosh

Love it. This mattress is so comfortable, I have been sleeping better than I have in years.”Christine Johnson

Great product. I bought it for my cottage due to ease of transporting a mattress-in-a-box, and the low price point. Since then I have come to prefer it over my home mattress.”Oliver Zecha


PerfectSense Reviews on

While we don’t sell our mattresses on, we do sell our other bedding products like mattress protectors, bed sheets, comforters and more—earning a rating of 4.4/5.

Here’s what our happy customers had to say:

“Looked around for something to soften up my bed and boy did this do the trick. Lots of plumpness and my back feels better already!”Lauren

“This is such a luxurious feeling mattress protector. Excellent fabric and high end appearance. So happy to have a waterproof cover that feels so nice.” Terri

“Great quality. Deep pockets. I have no complaints. I've spilled wine on my sheets and the pad absorbed the spill nicely. Washes well. I highly recommend for price and quality.” Eve


What Our Reviewers Love

Our customers are constantly telling us how much they love the quality and comfort of their PerfectSense mattress. 

Many of our customers set out to buy a mattress for a spare room in their home or their cottage, and end up so comfortable with their PerfectSense mattress that they make it their every night mattress—or buy another one.

The most common comment is that our reviewers say they are surprised with the quality of the mattress given the price. Many also expressed their satisfaction with our friendly customer service agents.


What We’re Improving

Due to our positive reviews, great prices, referrals from satisfied customers, and the continuous improvements we are making in online customer experience, the demand for our product reached unprecedented levels in early summer 2019, causing backorders for some customers.

To address the huge demand we were faced with, we increased our inventory of our mattresses, and further improved our manufacturing and delivery processes.

In the fast-growing realm online sales of mattress in a box sales, the race to build market share is highly competitive.

After only a few years in business, has enabled hundreds of thousands of customers in North America to have a better night’s sleep, every night.

And it all makes perfect sense. If you are going to spend nearly half of your life in a bed, you deserve to be comfortable.

Want to check out the mattress for yourself? We offer a 100 Night Sleep Trial, so if you don’t like your mattress, you can send it right back.

Shop now to gear up for a perfect night’s sleep.

100 Night Sleep Trial


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