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Reasons To Spend Your Tax Refund On a New Mattress

Part of being an adult means making serious decisions. One of them is looking at what you ‘need’ versus what you ‘want’ when it comes to spending your tax refund. 

Sure, buying a big screen television or a Caribbean vacation might seem like fun but when did you last change your mattress, that essential item you use every night?

Spending your money on something you use every single day will net the best long term effects for life, health and happiness. If you don’t believe this, do the math!

Do a Little Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping, or something over 2,500 hours a year. 

When you break down the price of a new mattress relative to the amount of time you will be using it, it’s clear that this is an investment that will pay dividends.

A $650-mattress—like the Dodeca Premium 12" 4-Layer Memory Foam Mattress—spread out over 10 years, which adds up to roughly 25,000 hours of sleep, is costing you just two cents an hour for a decade worth of value. 

By comparison, a $3,500 vacation that lasts seven days (or 168 hours), works out to over $20 an hour. The net benefits are limited too, as the stress of everyday life will be back the day after your return. 

An investment into a quality mattress will benefit you for years, so that you can get a high quality, deep sleep and extra value like:

  • Zero motion transfer, so your wiggly bed partner won’t bother you
  • Cooling gel foam, to keep your sleeping temperature just right
  • Pain relief from pressure points
  • A perfect sleep surface for any position
  • Odour and stain resistance, which matters when you consider:

“2009 study from the European Sleep Research Society found that presenting smells to a sleeping person could affect their dreams. Positive smells like roses produced positive dreams, and negatives smells like rotten eggs gave more negative dreams.” (Source)

Sounds better than your old mattress that dates back to your college days, right? It’s certainly better than what otters do! They have to hold hands while sleeping, to avoid floating away from one another. 

A quality mattress means you can happily float off to dreamland without worrying about your bed partner keeping you awake.

In addition to sleeping, the average adult has two other areas of focus that take the most time every day: work and leisure.

Good Sleep Means a Better Work Life

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After you’ve factored in the relative return on investment of a new mattress, you should also consider that if you are well rested, mentally alert and effective in everything you do, you will likely find yourself doing more and better at work too. 

That could lead to a promotion, a raise or perhaps you’ll finally make the leap to self-employment that you’ve always dreamed of. However you slice it, getting better sleep can bring you financial benefits, as well as savings.


Being awake for 16 hours in a row decreases your ability to perform tasks as if your blood alcohol level was .05%! The legal limit for driving is .08%, so basically a lack of sleep impairs your ability to function at even the most basic tasks.

Good Sleep Means Quality Leisure Time

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We need sleep to be in a good frame of mind to enjoy the hours when you’re not working or sleeping. If you are tired, you won’t be as effective at work or at play. 

For example, spending time with your kids when you’re exhausted could result in your being snappish and frustrated with their antics. Spending time with your kids when you’ve had a good sleep? It’s a whole different ball game! 

A lack of quality sleep ultimately means that you aren’t able to live your best life. 

When you’re not getting enough sleep, you can also be clumsier and more prone to accidents, which if you are engaging in sporting activities, can lead to injury.

You make better decisions, have more patience and are generally in a better mood if you are well rested. These are all things that can ultimately benefit your physical health too.

Good Sleep Means Better Health

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Along with a reasonable diet and some exercise, good sleep ranks right up there with the vital things your body needs. 

Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep, you are more likely to have a bigger appetite? That’s because the hormones that regulate appetite—leptin—go down when you don’t sleep enough, causing your appetite to go up. 

If you’re looking to lose some weight as part of your goals for this year, adding more sleep could actually help! 

There are three stages of sleep that humans cycle through, every 90 minutes or so, every night: light, deep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages. 

It’s in the deep sleep stage where your body, right down to the cells, are rested and rejuvenated. 

It’s a lack of deep sleep—due to interruptions, noise or other issues like insomnia—that can leave you feeling and looking haggard. 

While the first and third stage are important, the one that is most important for mental and physical health is deep sleep. Without sufficient, high quality deep sleep, your body will struggle to rejuvenate itself for another day.


Humans are the only mammals that delay sleep on purpose. In other words, you might be smarter than a fifth grader, but perhaps not smarter than a lowland gorilla if you’re choosing not to get the sleep your body needs.

Lack Of Quality Sleep Can Have Serious Consequences

All joking aside about the good sense of having a great sleep, there are serious consequences to not getting quality sleep.

In addition to increased risk of several forms of cancer, here’s a short list of some of the ways sleep deprivation or disrupted sleep can affect your health and your life span:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Muscle atrophy, as the cells don’t have time to rejuvenate
  • Immune system becomes compromised
  • More susceptible to viruses, like the common cold
  • Mental health issues like depression are exacerbated by a lack of quality sleep

If you’re wondering how much sleep you ideally need, check out this post that details sleep requirements from newborns to seniors

If you or your family are not getting near the recommended amounts of sleep, step one should be to take that refund and upgrade your mattresses

Your body and brain will thank you!

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