17 Romantic Ways to Style Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

17 Romantic Ways to Style Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

Approaching the styling of your bedroom to please this Valentine’s Day depends on a lot of things, most notably what stage of life you are in.

What you would do to please yourself and your partner in a new relationship isn’t necessarily the same as what you would do after 20 years of marriage and vice versa. 

There’s a subtlety to turning your bedroom into a romantic space, at every age and stage.

Sure, you have probably seen pictures of rooms filled with rose petals and a high hat with a bottle of champagne chilling by the bed, but there are so many other ways you can spice up your bedroom space.

Here are 17 romantic ways to style your bedroom for Valentine’s Day, no matter what kind of relationship you are in.

Styling Your Bedroom As a Singleton

young brunette woman sips coffee curled up on the couch

Just because you’re currently single doesn’t mean you have to be at home and miserable on Valentine’s Day.

In fact, when you are single is just about the only time in your life when you can do things exactly as you want to, pleasing only yourself and not having to worry about anyone else’s feelings or wants.

  1. Keep it low key and indulge in the things you enjoy. If you love to read, dim all but your reading lamp and settle in for a good long dose of the written word, complemented by your beverage of choice and a selection of delicious snacks.
  2. Make your bedroom squishy and comfortable, with more pillows than ever, creating a comforting nest. All the better to binge watch your favourite show on your tablet.
  3. If you’re not a big fan of sleeping alone, get yourself a body pillow. Just the feeling of something warm and soft curving into you as you sleep will bring you a lot of comfort.

Styling Your Bedroom When In a New Relationship

roses on a bed, red heart shaped baloons beside hugging couple

The key at this stage is not to frighten your prospective partner by overdoing the decor but instead surprise them with your thoughtful display.

If your decor suggests anything other than romance, it might be a shorter relationship than you had hoped for!

  1. Fill the room with a huge red and pink helium balloon bouquet, attached to a meaningful gift, such as a framed photo from your first date. Effort counts here!
  2. Replace all the bedding with sheets and pillowcases that are in warm, romantic colours: soft reds and lilacs all say warm and fuzzy. Or instead of your standard bouquet of flowers, get a bedspread cover in a warm floral pattern. If silk is out of your range, a cotton sateen sheet set will set the tone just as nicely.

Styling Your Bedroom When Long-Term Dating

man turns page of photo book ; image of the word "love"

After you’ve been together for a while, it’s important not to let the romance of those first early days go stale. 

  1. Adding soft textures and lines to your decor is a good option. Use light, flowing fabrics arranged over your existing window coverings, hanging over the bed or draped over side tables and lamps, to give a deflected glow of warm light in the room. 
  2. Recreate a scene from your partner’s favourite movie—a fact you should know by now. For example, you can turn a boring bedroom into a scene from Out of Africa, complete with netting over the bed and soft candle light. A little role play always adds some spice.
  3. Votive candles are perfect for setting the right light, if placed in a softly coloured glass container, with less risk of toppling them and setting the bedsheets on fire; a decidedly unromantic result!
  4. Add pictures or artwork to the bedroom walls that are meaningful. A collage of pictures of all your firsts together, or perhaps a limited edition print that your partner has had their eye on for a while. Choose pieces that evoke romance and love, feelings of joy in being together. 

Styling Your Bedroom When Living Together or Newly Married

Newly wed couple snuggled together under the covers

When you really know each other’s peccadilloes in the bedroom and otherwise, it’s time to remind your partner that you are invested in their happiness.

  1. Learn a new skill and watch a video on folding towels like the swish hotels do it: a beautiful pair of swans kissing, for example? Place them on the bed with two new fuzzy robes, doing away with the old, ratty ones that you both arrived at your new home with.
  2. By now, you’ve learned each other’s sleeping idiosyncrasies. If you are a blanket hog, now is the perfect time to invest in two duvets. No more fighting over the blankets, or freezing in the middle of the night. Recognizing your flaws and doing what you can to fix them is utterly romantic because it proves you are paying attention.
  3. Add some texture to your bedding. While the sateen sheets mentioned earlier might not be your cup of tea, adding faux fur throw pillows, or a velour blanket, can make the space cozy and relaxing, which is ideal for romance to brew.

Styling Your Bedroom After You’ve Had Kids

Family of 4 lay on bed holding hearts over eyes

Those first months after kids are born are purely unromantic for most couples, but Valentine’s Day can be a great time to bring some of the pre-kid heat back into the bedroom.

  1. First, and most importantly: get a lock for your bedroom door. The effectiveness of this simple act in making your bedroom a very private space for just Mom and Dad cannot be overstated. Every parent can imagine their child walking through the door at an inopportune moment. Proactively prevent that visual image by installing a lock.
  2. This might be a good year to send the kids to the grandparents house for the night and return to a place in your bedroom that you haven’t perhaps had in a while: a romantic, warm embrace for two people that love each other.
  3. Skip the candles, which can be dangerous with kids about at the best of times, and invest in installing a dimmer switch for your bedroom lighting. Then you can change out the bulb for something in a glowing pale shade of pink or peach, to add a dimension of warmth to your bedroom, if only for a day or two.

Styling Your Bedroom When Long Married

Mature couple leaning on one another while drinking coffee

Comfort is a romantic notion for many long married couples. The romance isn’t dead, but you probably also like a warm, soothing place to rest your head.

Also, recognizing what would please your partner in the comfort department is just about the most romantic thing you can do for anyone else.

  1. Invest in a new mattress and surprise them with it, along with new bedding, pillows and while you’re at it, change the ceiling light fixture to one they’ve been admiring for ages. There’s always a little change you can make that will cause your partner to stop and realize that you were in fact listening to them all this time.
  2. Some soft classical or jazz music in the background for the evening can set the perfect tone for a quiet evening spent at home.

However you spice up your bedroom to create a little atmosphere this Valentine’s Day, remember that that it’s only one day of the year. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the moment!

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