32 DIY Headboards From Today’s Top Decor Bloggers

large rustic, wooden headboard behind queen size mattress with white bedding

It’s no question that a headboard is an impressive addition to your bedroom but, sadly, they aren’t always budget friendly!

32 DIY Headers

The good news is that you can still sleep like royalty without breaking the bank with these affordable DIY headboard ideas.

Here are the 32 best DIY headboard ideas from today’s top decor bloggers:

1. Repurpose an old door as a DIY headboard

Find an antique door and press it up against the wall to instantly upgrade your room from plain to chic. 

Old Doors as Headboards

Source: Decoholic

2. Pallet boards make versatile headboards

Go hunting for a free pallet board. You can pull it apart to create your own design, or simply lean it on your wall for an easy DIY wood headboard. 

DIY Pallet Headboard

Source: 6 Clever Sisters

3. Hang some stylish fabric

One of the many cheap headboard ideas is to hang a textile on your wall. Choose some material that you love and simply tack it up behind your bed. 

DIY Fabric Canopy Headboard

Source: Design Sponge

4. Make your own DIY headboard mantel 

This tutorial will show you how to make a headboard that looks identical to a fireplace mantel, giving your room the designer flare it deserves. 

Bonus: When it’s finished, you can use it to display your favourite trinkets!

DIY Mantel

 Source: Ana White

5. DIY Headboard using mix and match ceiling tiles

Whether you mix them up or stick with one style, tin, faux foam, or other ciling tiles can make for as a wonderfully unique DIY headboard. Go big or go small; it’s up to you!

Tin Ceiling Tile DIY Headboard

Source: Pinterest

6. Paint directly onto the wall

Create the illusion of a headboard by painting the wall around your bed. Go for something easy like a shape, or flex your creativity with something elaborate like a landscape silhouette.  

DIY Painted Headboard

Source: Contemporist

7. Try vintage shutters

Refurbish old shutters to add a rustic look to your room. Then, place them behind your bed when you’re finished (yes, it really is that easy). 

Vintage Shutters DIY Headboard

Source: House of Winchester

8. Books aren’t just for reading

This DIY open book headboard is a real standout, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Thrift some old hardcover books and screw them onto a wooden frame. 

DIY Open Book Headboard

 Source: Apartment Therapy

9. Create a mock headboard with art

One of the simplest headboard ideas is to find a collection of art you like, hang it up in a collage-style above the bed and call it a night. 

Using Art Instead of a Headboard

Source: DigsDigs

10. Channel your inner hippy with macramé

Once you master the art of macramé, you’ll never want to stop! Hang your creation on a curtain rod or piece of driftwood when you’re finished. 

DIY Macrame Headboard

Source: Pinterest

11. Make folding screens your friend

Apart from being a great way to separate space in a room, a folding screen makes for one of the most unassuming headboard ideas. Lean it against the wall behind your bed and voila! 

Folding Screen DIY Headboard

Source: Shelterness

12. Add whimsy with lights

A headboard made of lights will add a beautiful warm glow to your late nights. It’s surprisingly easy and cheap to make one and the effect will be regal.

DIY Light Up Headboard

Source: Pinterest

13. A shelf makes it simple

Kill two birds with one stone by creating a built-in shelf that doubles as a delightful headboard, providing visual interest as well as as a great place to store your stuff. Add a single shelf on the wall or buy a full stand-up shelf to place your bed against. 

DIY Built-in Shelf Headboard

Source: Adore Magazine

14. Peg boards are full of possibility

A peg board will allow you to hang anything, including art, plants, jewellery or even shelves. Cheap? Check! Easy? Check! 

DIY Pegboard Headboard

Source: YouTube

15. Use existing windows as a backdrop

The window in your room already acts as an existing frame, so why not use it to your advantage?

If the sizing is right and you don’t mind a bit of natural light, scooch your bed under the sill.

Using Windows as a DIY Headboard

Source: designrulz

16. Decorate with obscurity

Next on the list of affordable headboard ideas is the use of obscure objects.

Place something compelling on your wall like a wicker hanging piece, mismatched antique door knobs or some antique picture frames. 

DIY Snowshoe Headboard

Source: Instagram

17. Wallpaper adds a nice touch

Wallpaper is a great solution to the empty space haunting the wall behind your bed.

The DIY headboard tutorial below features a cut out shape, but you can also keep things simple by accenting the entire wall.  

DIY Wallpaper Headboard

Source: D. Marie Interiors

18. Get quilty 

There’s a bit of nostalgia that comes with quilting your old fabrics. Your quilt creation will add a cozy backdrop to your snoozing. 

DIY Quilt Headboard

Source: Cosmo Cricket

19. Frame beautiful fabrics

If sewing is too much work for you, find some pretty fabric and fit it into a frame! Mix and match colours, sizes and patterns for full creative control.  

Framed Fabric DIY Headboard

Source: Pinterest

20. Draw or paint a headboard 

Can’t spring for a headboard? You can draw one directly onto your wall using the shape of your desire!

Painted DIY Headboard

Source: Art & Home

21. Go big with oversized art

One big piece of art leaning behind your bed can act as a beautiful DIY headboard. You don’t even need to go through the trouble of hanging it up.

Oversized Art DIY Headboard

Source: Pinterest

22. Thrift a headboard

An easy alternative to learning how to make a headboard is to simply thrift one. Then, refurbish it to your liking. 

Check this before and after out for inspiration:

Before and After Thrift Store Headboard Makeover

Source: Pinterest

23. Try plywood for a minimalist look

One sheet of plywood behind your bed can look effortlessly modern as a DIY wood headboard. It’s simple and sleek (plus, it’s easy on the wallet).

DIY Plywood Minimalist Headboard

Source: Apartment Therapy

24. Don’t underestimate pillows

Apart from being really fun to jump into after a long day, pillows can add a lot of glam to your bed. Have enough to make a statement, but not so many that it takes an hour to arrange them. 

Alternatively, you can make a hanging pillow headboard with the help of this tutorial.

DIY Square Pillow Headboard

Source: DIY Enthusiasts

25. Think rustic windows

Browse the thrift store for some antique windows and upcycle them to match your room. Then, hang them behind your bed for a chic DIY masterpiece. 

DIY Vintage Window Headboard

Source: Liz Marie Blog

26. DIY upholstered headboard

Take matters into your own hands with a DIY upholstered headboard. There are many different designs to choose from, including this one:

DIY upholstered headboard

Source: Art & Home

27. Put some unique objects to work

Express your own personal style by creating a DIY headboard fashioned from things you love in your day-to-day life. 

This coastal bedroom looks fantastic with a Oar-iginal DIY headboard desng made from old paddles. 

DIY Paddle Headboard

Source: DIY Network

28. Farmhouse feels

Think of finding some scrap material like roofing metal or old barn wood for a rustic creation. You’ll feel like a country champion with a barn board headboard!

DIY Barn Door Headboard

Source: Pinterest

29. Cover up space with curtains

Curtains will make a big impact on your wall while making very little impact on your bank account. Your windows will be jealous! 

DIY Curtain Headboard

Source: Pinterest  

30. Hack some Ikea

You can take a very basic frame and give it a unique design of your very own, similar to how Liz Calka did by adding in some delightful woven canvas strips. 

Woven Canvas DIY Ikea Hack Headboard

Source: Apartment Therapy

31. Chalkboard designs are easy to change

Coat the space behind your bed with chalkboard paint and turn your headboard into anything you like!

DIY Chalkboard Headboard

Source: Residence Style 

32. Spring for a lightbox

A lightbox will give you the option to change the displayed message every once in a while. You can learn how to make one with this inexpensive online tutorial or simply buy one and hang it up. 

DIY Lightbox Headboard

Source: Makeful


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