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The Best Air Purifying Plants For Your Bedroom

Houseplants can make any room feel like a home, but did you know that many houseplants also have air purifying properties?

More than simply adding a splash of green to your living space, some houseplants can actually make your air healthier to breathe, earning them the honour of being the best indoor plants for your bedroom.

A famous study conducted by NASA found several houseplants could actually reduce indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, trichloroethene, toluene, xylene, and benzene.

These chemicals can be found in your household paint, your furniture, or even left as residue on your clothes from cigarettes or cars.

They can be detrimental to your health, with links to conditions including asthma or diseases such as cancer, and are often not filtered out by even the most expensive air purifying systems.

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to get cleaner air is to add an air purifying houseplant to your most lived-in rooms.

Here are the top five air purifying plants for your bedroom:

  1. Lavender
lavender bouquet in white vase on wooden table

Latin name: lavandula

Lavender takes the top spot as the best air purifying plant for your bedroom.

Not just for the garden, lavender truly has amazing superpowers. Its impressive air purifying properties keep some of the most toxic chemicals at bay, making your bedroom a safer place to re-energize and recharge.

With beautiful, long-lasting purple flowers, lavender can add a touch of elegance to any bedroom, including kids rooms. 

Lavender also has an incredible fragrance, and is widely known as a natural aromatic remedy for anxiety, depression, or sleep disorder sufferers.

It works as a sedative and an anxiolytic (stress reliever), working with neurotransmitters, telling the brain to quiet and calm down, in a natural and healthy way.

Kid safe: Yes

Pet safe: Yes (essential oil is not)

Care level: Medium

  1. Gerbera Daisy

Common names: african daisy, veldt daisy, transvaal daisy, barberton daisy

pink, orange, red, yellow gerbera daisies

A staple in any bouquet, gerbera daisies are excellent air purifying houseplants for your bedroom.

These bright, flowering plants, come in pink, yellow, salmon, orange, and white—adding a cheery touch to your most sacred spaces.

Their air-purifying properties are perfect for the bedroom. They are great at filtering out trichloroethylene, a chemical that often comes home with your dry cleaning.

Gerbera daisies are also well-known for being benzene blockers. Benzene is commonly found in inks, so writing in your journal gets a lot safer with a gerbera daisy by your side!

Very susceptible to fungal diseases, these flowers need a little more TLC than some of the other houseplants on this list; but if you learn how to care for them, you will be breathing easier in no time!

Kid safe: Yes

Pet safe: Yes

Care level: Advanced

  1. Dracaena Janet Craig

Latin name: dracaena deremensis

Dracaena Janet Craig plant and stones on small wooden table

Dracaena Janet Craigs are gorgeous tropical plants. Their rich, dark green, shiny, sword-shaped leaves add visual drama to any bedroom.

Known as the ‘dragon tree’, dracaenas will produce fragrant white flowers under the right growing conditions. Getting a dracaena to flower is a sure sign you have a green thumb!

Not only do they remove harmful toxins from your environment, they are also virtually indestructible. They thrive on neglect—they grow in low light and need very little water. 

Although you need to do barely anything to keep these beauties alive, make sure you keep them away from drafts and heaters. Dracaenas hate heat and cold, but are perfectly happy at room temperatures.

There are newer species of dracaena as well, with similar growing conditions (and air-purifying properties). Look for ‘Tricolor’, ‘Masangeana’ (aka corn plant), ‘Lisa’, ‘Marginata’, or ‘Warneckei’ (aka ‘Warneckii’).

Kid safe: Yes

Pet safe: No

Care level: Beginner

  1. Peace Lily

Latin name: Spathiphyllum

small peace lily plant in red clay pot on wooden table

Peace lilies are a perfect air purifying plant for any adult bedroom.

With beautiful, showy flowers, they set the scene for the peaceful and serene bedroom landscape. Resembling their Araceae cousin, the calla lily, blooms can last for two months or more.

While they are popular houseplants due to their glamour, they also are well-known for their air-purifying superpowers. They will take out some of the top toxins in the air, keeping you safe while you drift off to dreamland.

They are also relatively easy to keep alive. Peace lilies love shade and like their top layer of soil to dry out, making them the perfect air purifying plant for busy adults on the go.

With the combination of easy care and air-purifying qualities, you can see why the peace lily is one of the top bedroom air purifying plants.

Kid safe: No

Pet safe: No

Care level: Beginner

  1. Golden Pothos

Common names: Silver vine, taro vine, devil’s vine, ivy arum, devil’s ivy

Golden Pothos plant in orange vase

Don’t let the name fool you—golden pothos, or devil’s ivy, is a saviour in the bedroom.

One of the easiest plants to grow, golden pothos packs a powerful punch when it comes to air purifying.

This trailing pothos plant is extremely good at filtering out formaldehyde, as well as some of the other chemicals that creep into your bedroom from the outside world.

Nicknamed ‘the cubicle plant’, the golden pothos grows as a long vine and is usually very resistant to pests and other gardener’s woes.

This plant likes high humidity but can also thrive in drier climates.

Varieties include:

  • Marble Queen—attractive white-and-green variegated leaves
  • Silver Satin—gray-green leaves touched with silver 
  • Neon—bright, blue-green leaves, perfect for adding vibrancy to darker bedrooms
  • Pearls and Jade—lighter, white-and-green leaves, flecked with touches of darker green

Kid safe: No

Pet safe: No

Care level: Beginner

Getting a good night’s sleep can be made easier with cleaner air. Try adding one of these plants to your bedroom and see the powers of air-purifying houseplants at work!

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