How to Create an Office in the Bedroom

6 Steps for Designing a Dual-Purpose Bedroom Office

You may not have the luxury of an extra room in your home to have a full office. But the good news is that - with these bedroom office design and decor tips - you can easily turn any bedroom into a combined sleep + work space!

There are many bedroom-office combo ideas floating around online from people who are making the most out of their small spaces, and one of the best places to find inspiration is on Pinterest!

We’ve collected the best bedroom office ideas and spare bedroom ideas Pinterest has to offer and showcased them so that you to try one – or more - in your own home. Plus, we’ve added some handy tips to help you along the way.

Here is how to design a dual-purpose bedroom office:

Step 1: Choose the right desk

Bedroom Office Desk Options

To successfully pull off a home office inside a bedroom, you’re going to need to the right desk. Decide what shape and size is best suited for the dimensions of your room and calculate how much space you have. 

The best part?

There is no shortage in desk styles! So, whether your room is big and spacious or crammed to the brim, there are creative ways to sneak in a desk or work table.

In the corner

Consider a chic corner desk. This will maximize the actual surface of the desktop, saving you the hassle of an overcrowded work space.

 Bedroom Office Corner Desk

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Smaller is better

For rooms with less available space, go with a small desk. You can achieve simple office tasks with a small table placed against the wall.

Small Desk Bedroom Office

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Nightstand desk

If there is absolutely no wall available for an office desk, change your side table into a work space. Just tuck in a chair underneath and pull it out when work needs to get done.

 Nightstand Desk Bedroom Office

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Step 2: Separate your office space

Creating Office Space in the Bedroom

Walls can separate your office space from the rest of your bedroom, so look for ways to use them to your advantage, either literally or decoratively. Here are some great office bedroom ideas involving a degree of separation.

Transform a closet

An interesting use of your walk-in closet is to convert it into a working office. You can take the doors out, or leave them on for added privacy.

Walk In Bedroom Closet Office 

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A regular sized closet can work for your home office bedroom too!

Standard Bedroom Closet Office 

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Use curtains

Another way to create distinction between your working space and your bedroom is to use curtains or a screen. These are inexpensive tools that will help distinguish your office as a separate space where you can focus.

Curtain Bedroom Room Divider 

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Or Decorative Room Dividers

A really elegant way to create a separate work space in your bedroom is with room dividers, such as this gorgeous stained glass 2 panel divider. Not only will it help block off your work space, but it makes a beautiful accent.

Stained Glass Bedroom Room Divider 

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Step 3: Lighting is important

Lighting Your Bedroom Office

Make lighting a priority when planning out your home office bedroom.

The right lamp

You want to make sure your desk is well illuminated. To save space on your desktop, make sure the lamp has a slim profile. Or you can opt for a lamp that’s attached to the wall or one that stands on the floor.

 Bedroom Office Desk Lamp

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Use natural light

You can also enhance the lighting for your office space by placing your desk near a window. This works especially well if you have a window nook in your bedroom!

Natural Light Bedroom Office 

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Step 4: Hide things

Hiding Things in the Bedroom Office

The trick to a good home office bedroom is to utilize space as effectively as possible, so try to hide or tuck things away when they are not needed. These bedroom office combo ideas will show you how to do that.

Try a Murphy bed

One of the great guest bedroom ideas, is to have a Murphy bed. It will allow you to physically transform that room into a bedroom whenever you need it, but it can remain a purposeful office in the meantime.

Bedroom Office Murphy Bed

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Hidden fold-down desk

You can just as easily hide your desk by getting a secret desk wall mount. A fold down desk is one of the more stylish bedroom office ideas.

 Fold Down Wall Desk Bedroom Office

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Step 5: Get rid of distractions

Clean and Simple Bedroom Office Designs

One of the cons of creating a combo bedroom is the likeliness of becoming distracted. The good news is that there are ways to combat that!

Keep it clean

A clean space will allow you to get work done without stressing over clutter. So, devote some time every week to tidying up your bedroom and desk space.

Clean Organized Bedroom Office 

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Avoid or hide a bedroom TV

Having a TV in your room is great for late-night movie watching, but is less ideal if it becomes a distraction to your productivity.

If you simply must have a bedroom in your TV, try to face your desk in the opposite direction and keep it off during work hours.

Or, you can look at unique and creative ways to hide a TV in the bedroom so that it is not there to distract you during the day, but your (or your guests) can utilize it at night.

Hidden TV in Bedroom Office 

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Be intentional with your bedroom office decor

A little bit of intentionality will go a long way in helping you achieve your work goals in a bedroom office. A comfortable chair, good lighting, proper storage and accessible charging chords will help you in the long run.

Bedroom Office Decor Options 

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Step 6: Have some fun

Fun Bedroom Office Designs

Adding an office to your bedroom can be a fun task. Get creative with your space with these bedroom office ideas!


It’s no question that having an aesthetically pleasing room can help increase the desire to buckle down and get some work done. Create a visually appealing office space so that you enjoy being there.

Live Edge Bedroom Office Corner Desk 

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Match decor

Another way to really make your office bedroom ideas come to life, is by matching the decor and colour scheme so that your bedroom decor looks cohesive.

Bedroom Double Closet Office Nook 

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Making Space for Your Office Bedroom

If you need to fit an office in your bedroom, you may need to consider reducing the size of your bed to make a bit of extra room. You can use our handy mattress size calculator to determine the perfect bed size for your room and your lifestyle, but then think about downgrading at least one size to provide a little bit of extra breathing room for your office space. 

Need more Bedroom Decor Tips? 

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