17 Ways to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

guest bedroom decorated for the holidays with purple accents

With the Holiday’s approaching, it is not uncommon for us to need to make room in our home for family and friends from out of town. But preparing a room that will WOW your overnight guests doesn’t have to be a chore.

These guest bedroom tips will take the stress out of your hosting duties and ensure that your guests feel welcome during their stay.

We’ve collected the best guest bedroom design ideas for you to try the next time you’re expecting company!

Jar of toothbrushes

Here are a few ways to create an inviting guest bedroom:

Stock it full of basic toiletries

The first item on our guest bedroom checklist is to have a basket full of bathroom essentials at your guests’ disposal. It’s likely that they have forgotten an item, so have some toothpaste, body soap, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion readily available. 

Bed next to chair

Create some sitting room

Even though they have come to spend time with you, your company will probably want a place to unwind on their own time, too. Place a chair or two with some decorative pillows in the corner so they can put up their feet and relax before bedtime.

Vase of flowers sitting on a table

Decorate with fresh flowers

One of the easiest guest bedroom decoration ideas is to fill a vase with fresh flowers. It’s a simple touch that will go a long way in making your guest room comfortable and inviting.

PerfectSense mattress box on top of a PerfectSense Mattress

Guarantee a good night’s sleep

Be sure to outfit your guest bedroom with a comfortable mattress so that your guests get a brag-worthy sleep. You can guarantee their comfort with an affordable memory foam mattress.

Stack of three books with a flower on top of it

Have some books on display

Pick out your favourite books and place them on the dresser or night table for your guests to enjoy. Throw in a magazine or two for those who prefer a quick read before dozing off.

close up of a plant with a note attached to it

Write a cute note (and include the WiFi password)

Another item on the list of guest bedroom tips is to leave a short welcome note for your company. Write something sweet and include the WiFi password, so your guests don’t have to go through the trouble of asking.

Stack of four blankets

Provide extra blankets and towels

Stock the drawers with extra towels and blankets so your visitors can grab whatever they need when they need it. Laying out a plush throw on the bed is a nice touch for the chillier months. 

Give it a theme

Something that might help you develop some guest bedroom decorating ideas is to have a theme. Matching your sheet set colours and decor will make your company feel like they are staying at a luxurious resort!

You can also change the theme by the season, providing a Holiday-themed guess room in December or a Beach themed guest room in the Summer. The possibilities are endless!

Men's clothes sitting on top of a white bedspread

Leave plenty of room

A clean and simple design is more inviting than having corners filled with clutter. Leave your guests a lot of space to put their belongings and plenty of room into which they can relax.

Floor length mirror next to a white table with a plant on top of it

Add a full length mirror

One of the things to buy for a guest bedroom is a full-length mirror. It will create the illusion of more space, and your visitors will be thankful for a chance to see their vacation outfits come together.

Baked squares with colourful sprinkles

Surprise your guests with treats

Make your company feel welcome with tasty treats! Leave a few wrapped chocolates for them to find on the pillow, or place a batch of fresh cookies on the dresser (the aroma alone will have them feeling at home).

Little boy playing in white bedsheets

Dress the bed with great sheets

Dressing the bed up with plush and high thread count sheets is a sure-fire way to please your guests. Also, when it comes to guest bedroom tips, you can never go wrong with memory foam pillows.

Young couple laying on a perfectSense Mattress

Cozy is key

You can get creative with cozy guest bedroom decoration ideas that will ensure maximum comfort for your visitors. For example, a pair of slippers, an eye mask or a candle are small but effective accessories that will help your guests settle in.

Bedroom work station with chair and desk

Work station

Depending on how long your company will be with you, they may need to get some work done during their stay. Create a work station equipped with outlets to charge their devices or check their email when needed, along with some good lighting and a pen with paper.

Three glass pitchers of water with cucumber in it

Keep them hydrated

Next on your guest bedroom checklist is to put out a few bottles of water for your guests. You can also help them stay hydrated by filling a carafe and setting it on a tray with some glasses by the bed (no one wants to be rummaging through your cupboards late at night).

Close up of two bathrobes

Little luxuries

A few other guest bedroom design ideas are to hang out a robe, place a good reading lamp on the side table and ensure that the room temperature is just right. You want to make the space as luxurious as possible and supply enough resources to ensure that your guests don’t have to awkwardly ask for more. 

Close up of a notebook with a pencil laying on top of it

Keep it simple

Don’t worry about going out of your way with things to buy for a guest bedroom. It is often the simple and thoughtful touches that will make your guests smile as they get cozy into their temporary space.

The holidays are the perfect time for you to dust off your design skills and create a space that your guests will love. Just be careful that they don't overstay their visit!

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