Canadian Winter: Fantasy vs Reality

two purple adirondack chairs in snow covered yard

Just because you're Canadian doesn't mean you love winter. You know your relationship with winter is complicated. 

You can admit that you often fantasize about warmer weather. We have all been there. The crisp warm breeze and feeling of sunshine hitting the back of your neck as you lounge by the pool can make anyone miss Summer.

Regardless of how you might feel, winter is here to stay.

Here are some of our favourite winter fantasy versus reality memes that we hope will make this season a bit brighter. 

Winter Wonderland


close up image of frost inside bubble against blue background

When you were young, you would give anything for an extra 10 minutes to play out in the snow. On those glorious snow days, you’d run to the hills with your sled in hand and smile on your face. No amount of snow and no sub-zero temps could stop you from having fun.


Make it Stop meme, snowman head and arm buried

You're an adult now. Now you equate sledding down an icy hill with breaking a hip. Winter means hibernation. It’s too warm and cozy to get out of bed and brave the blowing snow.. And when you do, it takes 20 minutes just to put on your coat, boots, hat, gloves, scarf, and any other gear you might need. All these things you never thought twice about as a child … well, they’re all the things that make it hard to love winter as an adult.

Winter Fashion


You purge your closet to make room for all those cozy sweaters and fashionable jackets. There’s no need to sacrifice style for warmth. If those Instagram models can do it, so can you!


man in sunglasses wearing over-sized scarf

No amount of layers can save you from the cold. You hate yourself for thinking those knee-high boots were winter-friendly. And those leather gloves aren’t keeping your hands warm. All you want to do is put on your favourite pair of sweatpants and hide from the world.



seal face memesuper tired after long winter night, sleeping in comfy, warm bed

The holidays are the perfect time to catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep. You already know which Netflix shows you want to binge watch. Nothing will stop you from sleeping in past noon.


Simpson's meme: can't sleep too tired or overtired

Your mattress isn't as comfortable as you once remembered it. You find yourself tossing, turning and losing sleep. You also can't sleep because you are constantly going over your holiday to-do lists. What was supposed to be a relaxing time spent in bed feels more like a chore.

Christmas Shopping


Oprah meme: You get a present, everyone gets a present!

You start your Christmas shopping early so you can stay ahead of the holidays. You set a budget and look for the best deals. This Christmas, you will get everything done in advance so you can enjoy the season stress free.


Shopping meme: Let's go to the mall, she said, will stick to budget, she said

Christmas shopping is fun for the first three gifts, and then you start to feel overwhelmed. You can't find everything on your list, and you are tired of hearing Christmas music and dealing with pushy salespeople. The gifts that you bought are now on sale, and you wish you had done all your shopping online. 

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