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19 Tips to Survive a Canadian Winter

The dark days of Canadian winter can make the season feel endless.

But, don’t worry! Winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if you learn how to embrace it to the fullest.

The more you prepare for the colder days, the more likely you are to enjoy them. These tips will teach you how to stay warm this winter, and how to conquer the snowy weather with style

Here are 19 tips for surviving a Canadian winter:

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1. The right outerwear

The easiest way to ensure your winter survival is by dressing the part. Some of the cold weather essentials you’ll need include boots, gloves, scarves, toques, and a nice warm coat

If you’re wondering what material will keep you warmest, try to find items made of wool or cashmere.

Just remember to dress in layers so that you can remove and re-add clothing as needed.

2. Remote car starter

 Let’s face it, waiting inside your frozen car while it heats up is a terrible way to start the day.

Invest in a remote car starter so your car is nice and toasty for you in the mornings! 

3. Warm socks and slippers

Along with the right outerwear, good socks and slippers are a must for surviving a Canadian winter. These cozy accessories will save you from the dreaded cold floors ... and you can find all kinds of fun styles, too. 

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4. Combat S.A.D.

Darker days bring along Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), a type of depression that can affect your mood and quality of sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night and enough vitamin D in your diet.

Another way to combat S.A.D. is by using artificial light to keep your biological clock on track. Try a light therapy lamp.

5. Lip balm

Winter is notorious for leaving lips drier than a box of raisins. Get smooth lips all winter long by keeping a lip balm handy at all times. Seriously, keep it in every coat pocket, bag and vehicle. Go ... do it now, we'll wait ...

6. Stay home more

A simple solution to surviving the cold is to simply avoid going outside unless it’s absolutely necessary. There are plenty of indoor things to do in winter!

Take up a new pastime like knitting, or master the art of binge watching your favourite shows (see tip #8). Oh, and give yourself permission to spend the entire weekend in bed. It's warm in there.

(If you’re wondering how to sleep better in Canadian winter, the answer is by getting a comfortable mattress!)

7. Quality snow removal 

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live next to a generous neighbour who will shovel our snowy driveway every morning. *Sigh*.

Take snow removal seriously with a quality snow blower, or, at the very least, a heavy duty snow shovel. Even if you live in an apartment, you should invest in a shovel just in case you need to clear your main entrance, pathway or even the balcony.

8. A subscription to good TV

There are endless streaming services available so, go ahead, binge away! 

Pro tip: Watching TV is highly enhanced by having access to a plethora of snacks.

9. Touch-screen-friendly gloves

A pair of touch-screen-friendly gloves will definitely come in handy during the winter months (wink, wink, see what we did there?).

They’ll help you stay connected without the risk of losing a finger to frostbite. 

10. Pictures of warmer days

Decorate your office with pictures of warmer days to remind yourself that the sun still exists!

Okay, this technically isn’t how to stay warm in winter, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about a time when you could leave the house in shorts and a t-shirt!

11. Snuggle buddy

man and woman snuggling together in bed

If you’re wondering how to sleep well on those cold Canadian nights, try taking a dip in the dating pool. Go ahead, be somebody’s little spoon!

Finding a snuggle buddy to keep you company through the colder months can help you get through the cold dark days. 

Disclaimer: Date at your own risk. It's a jungle out there.

12. Tissues 

Say goodbye to an awkward dripping nose by keeping tissues at arm’s length at all times. Stock them in your car, bag, and coat pockets. 

13. Stock up your car

Winter road conditions can be a nightmare. You never know when you’ll get caught in a closure and end up stranded on the side of the road for hours. 

To avoid freezing, keep a warm blanket, a candle and some matches in the car. And be sure to fill your gas tank up all the way before departing on longer trips. 

Sun setting behind snow-covered trees in Canada

14. Outdoor activity gear

Embrace the cold weather by taking up cold weather activities like, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, or sledding. There are so many fun things to do in winter! 

Invest in the right gear and you’ll have yourself a winter hobby in no time.

15. Moisturizer

Dryness is inevitable in the cold, so find a good hydrating cream ... and buy a lot of it. 

16. A face wrap

Most winter outerwear doesn’t include protection for your face. A face wrap will save you from whipping winds and dreaded frostbite. 

Check out these fashionable face wraps

17. Shoe grips

On the way to work but can’t wear clunky boots? Avoid a nasty spill on your icy driveway by investing in some shoe grips.

Shoe grips are perfect for everything from extreme outdoor hikes, to safely walking (through snow and over ice) to your car. 

18. Your favourite hot drink

purple mittens holding white mug with hot black coffee

Did someone say peppermint latte? 

Cozy up with your favourite coffee or tea to make winter a little more bearable. Drink as many hot drinks as you please.

19. A tropical vacation

If this list of things to do in winter to keep it fun doesn’t satisfy, it might be time to jet off to the tropics. After all, lounging around in the sun on a beach is a surefire way to survive a Canadian winter. 

We hope these tips will help you stay nice and warm all winter! For a comfy, cozy sleep every night at the perfect temperature, get your Perfect Mattress!

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